Instructions For Making Queen Size Murphy Bed

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Queen Size Murphy Bed Set

Queen size Murphy bed also known as a bed-in-a-door, is a space-saving furniture idea that has clear advantages over conventional furniture. The bed can be folded out of the way to make room for entertaining, work or leisure. Make a Murphy bed for a fraction of the cost of a purchased Murphy bed


Mount 2 with 4 inch boards to make a mattress queen size murphy bed frame. The upper and lower boards will sit in side boards. Run two screws in each corner in common. You should have a rectangle of 2 with 4 discs. Place one of the pieces of plywood on the frame, at even height with the top edge. Run 2-inch screws through plywood in the 2 with 4 slices each 6 inches around the frame. Place the second piece of plywood and screw.

Turn the entire piece over and install the flat (storage) brackets. Space them evenly across the width of the bed, and tighten using 1/2-inch screws. Screw together two of the eight inches long 2 x 6 inch boards to make a foot for the queen size Murphy bed. Run four of the 3-inch long screws in the block, turn it on and drive another four screws from the other side. Repeat to make another one (you should have four of these pieces left). Attach the four remaining bed feet to 2 of 12 inch on board. Space equally along the line, with two on the outer edges, and mark their places with pencil and straight edge. Drive 3-inch screws through in addition to the 2 with 12 inches on board, down into 2 x 6 inch pieces.

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