LED Vintage Light Bulbs – Antique Incandescent Styles

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LED Vintage Light Bulbs – Antique Incandescent Styles

Warm glow of LED vintage light bulbs now comes in energy efficiency. Antique look is still in reproduction until today. There are some popular styles to become your references. Globe, Victorian, Edison, tubular and chandelier bulbs are amazing in illuminating spaces like lobbies, restaurants, diners and coffee shops.

In the last few decades, antique styles of vintage LED light bulbs have made a great resurgence. LED filament makes sure of beautiful style in illumination at high quality of energy star. The classic wire is wonderfully mimicked not only for the similar look but also enhanced in quality.

The best style and size are yours to decide. Is it 600 watt or more like 100 watt? Edison bulbs light fixtures have been around as one of best LED vintage light bulbs today. Some other popular selections are LED silver bowl bulbs that so unique in styling especially the bulb filament. You can opt whether LED globes or LED Victorian.

Classical aesthetic and energy saving are the features by the A19 LED filament type bulb. Soft accent lighting makes it perfect for restaurants, office applications and retails. More color display is accurate with long lasting LED lighting. A wide variety of dimmers can be compatible with the light bulbs.

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