Making Antique Bed Frames More Robust

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Antique Wood Beds

Antique bed frames can be friendly for many years, so they do not support mattresses and feather boxes as well. Antique beds use wooden ribs that rest on a ledge on each side of the side windows. The wooden ribs deteriorate over time and can break or break, causing the mattress or box to spring into the area. You can make new bed slats with common tools around the house to make your bed frame more powerful.


Place the tip on a tape measure inside the unique bed frame near the gable against a side rail. Pull the tape measure to the opposite side of the railroad and write down the measurement. Measure the width near the base of the bed in the same way. If the measurement is the same as the first one, the frame is square and requires all the same width of boards. If the measurement varies by 1/2 inch or more, you will need additional measurements.

Take further measurements of the width of a double bed frame in four equal distances down the length of the bed. Measure a queen bed frame in five places and a king bed frame in six equal distances. Number your measurements on a sheet of lamella a close bed sheet, then slate two, three and so on with a measurement for each one. Subtract 1/2 inch from each measurement. Place the slats in the antique bed frame. Tighten all nuts and bolts or screw the frame with a wrench or screwdriver. You can place a mattress directly on the rafters for a platform bed or first place box springs and then a mattress for extra durability.

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