Mediterranean Kitchen Design Makeover Ideas

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Luxury Mediterranean Kitchen Design

Are you making over your kitchen? If warmth and classy coziness what you seek, Mediterranean kitchen design is a great way to go. Mediterranean is an exotic style. You can afford the decorating by pouring natural elements into portions like walls, counter tops and more.

Mediterranean offers rustic mood. Earthy color palettes make sure of that. Yellow, olive green and mellow are the shades that common in the usage. Other options are burnt orange, gold and burgundy as amazing earthy colors. They are applicable onto walls as background and furnishings in the correct proportion.

Marble or granite, counter tops are popular with the stones of two. Wooden flooring and walls in terra cotta are also very common in Mediterranean kitchen design.

Mediterranean flare with decorative bottles and scented herbs are nice additional accessories. Wrought iron lighting fixtures such as wall sconces and chandeliers illuminate the kitchen for warmer atmosphere. You cannot go wrong with Mediterranean kitchen design.

Do you a small space kitchen? Pastel paint will help to make it seems larger. It is best to coordinate colors with dinnerware and other features. Indirect lighting is another great way to help out limited space feel. Wrought iron torchiere floor lamps are a nice touch.

Design and style of Mediterranean kitchens are about exotic Italian cultures. Aesthetic and historic kitchen design is yours.

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