Metal Bed Frame Parts

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Interlocking Bed Frame Parts

Bed frame parts are the structures that support your box spring and mattress. Most metal beds have four small wheels in each corner of the frame so you can easily move the frame around. Most often, metal bed frames have two bed rails and two or three cross rails. To protect your walls from being damaged, you may want to buy gables for your metal bed frame as well.


Determine the location of your bed frame. Place the side boxes two metal where you want your bed to be. Attach the two or three cross rails on each side of the two side rails, using mounting bolts and screws. In many cases, the crossroads will already be attached to the side marks and you will only extend them.

Connect each crosspiece with your sliding brackets. Before pulling the brackets, use a tape measure to ensure that the width is appropriate for your bed frame. Usually, the sliding bracket is secured with a small screw or bolt, so use your wrench or screwdriver to tighten the brackets. Adjust the frame, if necessary, to fit your box spring and mattress. Test the mattress by lying down on it. Tighten all bolts or screws needed.

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