Mickey Mouse Bedding Ideas

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Wonderful Mickey Mouse Bedding

Mickey Mouse bedding is covers that can be placed over an existing console so that you can swap decorate styles easily. The children’s tastes can change frequently and have the skills to create this simple and decorative item can really come to hand.


Measure existing Ares with the tape measure or the measurements Mickey Mouse bedding. Calculate how large your fabrics for the cover will be by adding 1 inch to 3 sides and 2 inches to the remaining page. The extra one inch on the three sides will be used as a sewing machine when sewing. The extra two inches at the end of the 4th side will have bands added to it, and then turned into making a nice haircut.

Cut the fabric according to the size you are calculating. Put the fabric straight to the right on top of each other. Use straight pins, staple three sides with another 1/2 inch added for the seam allowance. Sew these three needle sides together with a 1/2 inch seam allowance. Fold the remaining unsewn edges inwards toward the side of the Mickey Mouse bedding, 1/2 inch. Fold another 1/2 inch and pin. Before sewn edges, measure tape or measurements and measure along the hem. Pin pieces of bands, six on each side where the intervals have been marked. Place straps under the double-folded hem with the tail of the strap stretched against the bulk of the rug. These bands will tie together to the corresponding band on the other side of the opening and close the closure.

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