Modern Bed Frame Ideas


Modern bed frame uses bright colors to give a sense of space in the space it occupies. This can be a very powerful way of making a bed frame, because such large furniture can often dominate the room it is in. Instead of the space that feeds a four-poster bed, this construction has a discreet platform in light wood. Set a weekend to end this project


Sand faces all your woods modern bed frame, remove tiles and rounding corners slightly. Bet on one side and all four edges of all 75-inch planks and two 52-inch planks. Let dry. Lay a post along one edge the uncolored face a colored 52-inch plank. Its outer edge should be adapted to an 18-inch end of the shelf, with both ends of the post aligned with the edges of the shelf. Screw with four wooden screws driven through the shelf and into the post.

Position the post and plank against the end of the uncolored face of a 75-inch plank, the outside of the 52-inch plank in line with the end of the 75-inch plank. Screw with four wooden screws as before. The final result will look like a L. Repeat three and four in contact remaining colored 52-inch plank to another 75-inch plank, build a second L. Put the two less together into a rectangle. Put an entry in the two remaining corners. Connect them to the modern bed frame with four screws, as before. Place a post against each end of both remaining planks. Screw them into place as you did before.

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