Mounting Instructions Rustic Bunk Beds

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Cabin Rustic Bunk Beds

Rustic bunk beds – Preserving floor space, comfort and fun are some of the good effects of having a bunk bed. Children and adults use both bunk beds and find them to be cozy, built-in niches to crawl into. Purchasing and installing your own bunk bed is a simple, two-person job-when you get a heavy drawer in the room

Tools and parts

Lay out all parts boards, bedside tables, mattress moldings, screws and bolts rustic bunk beds. Make sure everything is there, and if not, contact the company so that it can send what’s missing. Take a hex wrench to set or use it in the package for its screws, and a star screwdriver. You also need trail, and have a hammer in your hand, if you have to push a few pieces in place.

Bunking the beds

For one piece rustic bunk beds. Beds that cannot be separated-the beds are already bunked. For two parts, separate bunk beds, put the large plugs into the holes located on top of each post on the lower bed. It may not be a good idea to put wood in these holes if you intend to separate beds at some point. Press the dummies in place, and then place the holes in the bottom of the upper bed posts on these secured thorns. Press the upper bed until all posts are secured.

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