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Popular Linen Storage Ideas

Linen Storage Ideas – We do not discover anything new if we say that in the old houses the bathrooms were built much wider than at present. There was more space in the houses, more people lived in them and the bathroom was taken as a space of relaxation where a lot of time was spent. What we consider today as a luxury bathroom, at that time was normal.

To solve this aspect without the bathroom overwhelms us, there are different options, from covered linen storage ideas in cabinets with opaque doors to storage seen with alternatives that allow objects to be seen. Whatever the option, always follow an order that helps in the aesthetics of the bathroom. If we want to give the bathroom a light effect, it is best to use shelves for storage. Whether glass shelves, wood, DM, melamine or metal shelves seen on the toilet, under the sink or on the wall contrary to the shower faucet are usually great.

A problem when choosing shelves as linen storage ideas mode in bathrooms is the “visual chaos” produced by the products stored in it. One idea to solve this is through the use of boxes, either of wood, metal or glass, where to place all the products. They could be considered as a special type of boxes since they fulfill their same function. However, the baskets, mainly made of wire or wicker give an even lighter air to the decoration of the bathroom.

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