Organizing Laundry Room Storage Ideas

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Wooden Laundry Room Storage Ideas

Laundry room storage ideas – Organizing and storing things for your laundry need not require dirty storage containers or piles of clothes on the floor. Using smart storage solutions, you can clean your laundry before using it for your laundry.

Laundry Chute

Instead of a basket in a part of your home, install a laundry drain directly above the laundry room storage ideas. This storage solution sends the clothes directly from the floor above the laundry room. Ideally, plans for a laundry have to be considered when building a separate home to allow space during construction. Once built, you do not have to worry about dirty clothes in a basket become unkind or forgotten. Have a basket on the bottom of the drain in the laundry room to catch the clothes sent it down properly.

If your washer and dryer load from the front, boxes specially built to be placed under the washer and dryer in the laundry room storage ideas. Use these boxes to secretly remove cleaning materials, detergents and rinse aid. Keep the ironing board close at hand by installing a wall mounted folding ironing board. These wake up in the wall after use to keep them close to hand on the cleaned laundry but out of the way. Look for these at the iron and home shops organization.

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