Popular And Best Queen Bed Storage Ideas

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Top Queen Bed Storage Ideas

Queen bed storage can be an ideal solution for a lack of space in your home. Several types of storage beds are available to help you hide the mess and store bedroom supplies such as linen, seasonal clothes and shoes. You can buy these types of beds in a variety of materials and styles, from wood to metal frames and modern to classic.

Under queen bed storage boxes, a cupboard bed utilizes built-in storage bin right under the bottom of the bedside gates. Most cupboard beds have a modern look with a military style cabinet compartment for easy access of extra clothes, bedding and other items. You can usually order metal versions of this bed in different colors for a less modern look. You can buy a bed with chest of drawers-style drawers in many types of storage beds for a more natural look, which offers side by side separate storage compartments. You can buy these types of storage beds in metal or wood.

DIY queen bed storage, if you have a long enough bed frame, you can place storage containers under your existing bed. Choose between plastic, wood and fabric boxes with or without wheels for storing excess items. Another option is to build your own storage box. Cut a plywood board into what dimension storage box you need. Measure the space underneath your bed and provide plenty of space for a lid on the top of your box. Saw dimensions of the base, caps and sides to your desired dimensions and fasten with wooden or nails. Attach the cover to the back of the box with hinges.

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