Queen Size Bunk Beds Ideas


Queen size bunk beds – For those who want to add a pair of bunk beds to one of your bedrooms, there are many styles to choose from. These can be anything from the old army, the fleet style made of iron to a handmade wooden frame that holds a pair of vertical beds as the main number of platform stairs and push boxes under the bottom bed. However, get home Woodworker just wants to concentrate on a set of bunk wooden frame beds.

Framing Lumber and Lay Bolts

The easiest way to build a set of queen size bunk beds is usually 2 x 6-frame work and makes bolts. You will want to use a fine selection of wood such as Douglas fir, especially as this plain building material is strong, light and attractive appearance.

Start by getting your box spring and mattress first and build a four corner box that closes tightly around each spring and mattress. Tilt all ends and screw each box together with laying bolts. It’s probably a good idea to take the head off every bolt. Then you can cut four upright pieces, which will hold couple of beds. Place the low bunk about one foot from the floor and then install the second box of about five meters. Make sure each bed is at the same height on each upright and level around. Now it remains 2-times-4-ram that supports each mattress from the bottom and maybe a ladder to the top queen size bunk beds.

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