Queen Size Loft Bed Frame Ideas

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Queen Size Loft Bed Frame Stair

Queen size loft bed frame are very popular size because of its size. Larger people think that there is plenty of sleeping space, and there is also enough room for couples to share bed, which makes the rational use of land. Usually the length of a queen bed frame is about 82 inches tall to support the longer end of a queen mattress that is 80 inches in length.


Just the length of the queen size loft bed frame, the width is also about 2 inches larger than the 62 inches wide mattress. The frame has a measured area of ​​5 084 square meters in order to support a mattress with an area of ​​4,800 square meters inches. The height of a queen bed frame is usually about 15 inches tall but may vary depending on the style.


Queen size loft bed frame is an excellent size for use in rooms or larger suites champions. On the other hand, you can build an area of ​​almost 35 square meters of floor space in your bedroom. The plans below for a simple loft setup using cheap wood, but can easily be changed or extended for finer bedroom furniture. Cut wood to the dimensions as above. If you do not have a chainsaw or are new to cutting wood, you can usually have it done wherever you buy your board. Sand a face of plywood. You can sand the rest of the wood if you want, but a face must be sanded to avoid damage to the mattress. Drill four holes in two of your 80-inch beams using the same diameter as your bolts. Drill holes on the middle 15 and 30 inches from each end of the beam.

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