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Bicycle Storage Ideas Modern

Bicycle storage ideas – Bikes are a great way to get around, but having too many in a small space can be a storage disaster. They trash easily, roll over, get the wheels on one trapped in the oaks in another, and pretty soon you’re ready to leave them all out in the rain just to avoid the mess. Fortunately, there is a simple and cheap solution: a vertical bicycle storage shelf.


Locate the rails on a wall. This rack will bicycle storage ideas vertically from the wall, so you will need to drill in something solid. You can find wall rules either with a control detector or old fashioned way: by pointing the wall with a hammer until you find a place that does not sound hollow. Dabbles are usually placed 16 inches apart, but this may vary in older homes. When you find the rules, mark them with a pen. Measure the width of the wall with a tape measure. You need at least 2 feet of horizontal space for each bike you’re not going to use, plus an extra 6 inches from each wall.

Keep in mind that your bicycle storage ideas will be attached to the wall at an altitude of about 65 inches, so make sure there are no obstacles such as shelves or windows. Cut your two by 4. Once you have determined how many cycles you want to save, cut your two by four to the correct length (2 feet for each bike). Put the hooks. Find a drill that is slightly smaller in diameter than the hooks you use and drill a “pilot hole” – drill a smaller hole before drilling a larger hole – in the wood it was 24 inches. Unscrew the hooks until they are secure.

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