Recycle Ashley Furniture Storage Bed

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Ashley furniture storage bed – Being able to get some storage under the bed is great for everyone. If we do not have a collapsible sofa, or a bed that brings the drawers already incorporated, that space between the mattress and the floor is surely wasted. But it does not take much complication to solve that problem. You may have saved or you may undo at some point an old dresser. These used to bring drawers that cost to take out since they did not bring guides and they were quite resistant. These drawers are perfect for carrying out our project to get expand the storage space under the bed. They can easily be screwed on some wheels and will support a lot of weight.

Apart from the Ashley furniture storage bed you will need to buy some wheels to be able to remove them easily. They are not difficult to find and you can choose between rotating wheels or wheels that are fixed with these last the drawers will only go forward or backward, they will not have mobility towards the sides. To carry out the project you will first have to sand the drawers and paint them to give them a more current look. Then fix the wheels with screws to the base and place them centered. You will have your storage under bed to keep sheets, clothes or whatever you need.

We have already seen how we can replace the drawers with wooden boxes, but there is another possibility. It can be done in a big way. The time to make Ashley furniture storage bed below what we can do is a bed with a shelf underneath. It is important to put more than four wheels to distribute the weight better and look for them to be good to make sure they turn well.

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