Refresh With Mediterranean Home Decor

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Mediterranean home decor – It is a great style to refresh your home. Deep and rich colors and patterns that unique, the style is affordable for redecorating or making over. The style has been influencing Tuscany region, Persian and Moroccan. Bright colors give warmth in a very classic way. Outdoor cultures are truly enjoyable even in indoor of your residence. There are mountain ranges, desserts, coastal seas and landscapes. Could you imagine that? Enjoying outdoor atmosphere indoor is certainly a privilege.

A variety of rich colors set a mood atmosphere. Vibrant reds, greens and blues give the theme of elegance, classy and inviting. Just mix and match proportionally to have all in the right combination.

When it comes to furniture in Mediterranean home decor, wrought iron and quality wood are intricate in designs. You will find carvings in mosaic tiles and terra cotta. To complete them, just collect more items such as ceramic post and vases, chests and others in handcrafted motifs.

Captivating in designs and unique in textures, fabrics and upholstery feature traditional rustic of Mediterranean style! Woven designs and patterns on rugs are intricate for a rich influence significantly. The techniques of weaving and motifs give complementary beautiful pieces of Mediterranean home decor.

When it comes to lighting, wrought iron chandeliers and colored glass lamps are wonderful. Brass metal and carved wood make a great accentuation. They are for sure to refresh your rooms.

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