Restoring Cast Iron Bed Frame

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Nice Cast Iron Bed

Restoring a cast iron bed frame if it is an expensive inherited piece of the family or finding a flea market is a project that is definitely worth doing. A large part of the time these beds have several color layers that are rusty and peeling and will require complete removal to return the bed to its original condition, to increase its life to hand down to the next generation. This project will require time and some boring work, but the finished iron bed is a work of art.


Use a steel brush to remove as much flaking color and rust as possible. Use small steel brush on any cutter or filigree to get into denser areas. Sandy big flat surfaces. Wear a mask to avoid inhalation any dirt from the paint. Apply paint strippers to small areas according to manufacturer’s instructions and time recommendation. Scrape color detergent blend with filler and place on a piece of plastic for proper disposal. Depending on the number of color layers, this procedure may have to be repeated several times. It is important to remove all the old color.

Rinse iron bed frame with clear water to remove any residue paint removal agent. Let dry. Sand any rough areas as smoothly as possible. Wipe away dust or vacuum thoroughly. Make sure all dust is removed for a smooth surface. Apply a layer of rust protection and allow drying. The inhibitor fills in smaller pits and recesses in iron bed frames and stops new rust formation.

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