Rv Basement Storage Ideas Summer Style

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Rv Basement Storage Ideas Slide Trays

Rv Basement Storage Ideas – There are people who tell us: “traveling in a van is wonderful because you have so much space and you can take everything”. You compare the van with a car and it looks like it will fit everything. But be careful, because in the van you have to prepare food, eat, dress, sleep, brush your teeth. There is a tray that is actually part of a bed, so it is quite solid.

Since we do not sleep in that bed now, we use the tray as storage. Under the tray, there is also rv basement storage ideas space, which is the trunk itself. They fit enough things. There are large reusable bags, spare gas bottle, extension cords, wipes to clean the kitchen, hose to fill water, rags, folding buckets, etc. In the basket, we carry a lot of food, milk, beers, jars for the little one. The basket is foldable so that it occupies less if we eat everything.

But the truth is that we have not emptied it for years. The second row of seats of the van is made a bed by joining it with the rv basement storage ideas tray. Underneath, it has a huge drawer in which we carry the parents’ clothes (the drawer is larger than it seems). The disadvantage of taking it there is that you do not have a suitcase that you can take, at any given time, to a hotel.

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