Shoes and Boot Storage Ideas


Boot storage ideas – High boots son very essential for the seasons of autumn and winter. They look modern and cool when combined with jeans, dresses and raincoats. But it is very difficult to explain how to store them. Most of the time, we will put them in the shoe cabinet with all the other pieces. It is very good to put a starter tray in the entrance. Therefore, it is not necessary to worry about mud tracks on a rainy or snowy day.

Meanwhile, a good solution in most homes is to apply boot storage ideas on the wall. Often we have a lot of spare space on our walls. If you have a lot of nice boot, your boot may even be adorned. For example, in the bedroom or in your walk-in closet. If you have a recess in a wall somewhere, for example, from an old doorway – you can set shower rods as shelves for shoe and boot storage. Use two rods for each row of shoes.

If you live small and have many shoes and boots, you need a storage solution that does not take up too much space. So go home and see where you have extra space. Maybe you could apply boot storage ideas in one or more bed rollers under your bed or sofa? Or maybe you have unused space in height? If you have high ceilings in your entrance, you can put some simple shelves under the shoe storage ceiling. Put your boot straight on the shelves, or get some nice baskets or boxes for the shoes and boot.

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