Smart Bathroom Storage Ideas

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How to decorate a small bathroom can present as a challenge for many, but it is not just the decoration that can worry, one of the factors that can arouse more anxiety is to find bathroom storage ideas accessories. In today’s article we will focus on storage solutions for small bathrooms, take note! The ideal is to have a sliding door; otherwise, the bathroom door can become an ideal place for the storage of our bathroom accessories. The storage in the bathroom door can help us save a lot of space

A very original idea bathroom storage ideas to take advantage of the space behind the door of the bathroom is to use the hinges of the door to encastar a small open furniture that is closed when bending it against the door itself. Something more usual but just as effective is to place an organizer behind the bathroom door, this, for example, also offers the possibility of hanging things like towels and jackets. It is a good idea to decorate very small bathrooms.

One of the most wasted spaces is the space above the toilet. Previously, when the chain was located at the top, it was difficult to take advantage, but today there are even floating toilets, the upper part is fully visible. Today furniture is very fashionable on the toilet, there are in wood, wrought iron, etc. and they are very useful because they offer an extra bathroom storage ideas space to store all our stuff.

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