Smart Small Apartment Storage Ideas


How many things can fit in thirty square meters? A small but well-organized apartment has as much storage capacity as any three-bedroom apartment. With intelligent small apartment storage ideas and right solutions you can make your small apartment a large space full of order. It’s just a matter of organization! Many people think that they have more things in their house than there is space to store them: clothes, personal objects, hobbies, household items … they seem like a lot of things, right?

But we know that with intelligent small apartment storage ideas everything finds its place, even if you live with your partner in a flat of thirty square meters. In end, we all have same needs and same objects, only thing we have to find are most adequate storage solutions. Every centimeter counts, that’s why we recommend you to squeeze as much space as possible, with shelves, boxes, hooks or rails.

Do not underestimate a corner because it does not seem useful, surely you can include a hook or an adaptable shelf to fit a pair of folded chairs or a box with tools. And above all, always think about who small apartment storage ideas is for. If it’s for children, do not set it too high! And if it is to catch daily, do not place it inaccessibly. Stacking things in boxes is very useful, but more if you do with transparent boxes to avoid having to open them one by one looking for what is inside.

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