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Space Bedding Galaxy

Space bedding – Attica is a very effective all-purpose cleaner. You can buy a liter of plain white vinegar for a cheaper price than you can most small containers of cleaning products. This home remedy is less hard than most popular cleaning products and because it does not contain strong chemicals. You can use vinegar for many different households, one of which is a laundry room. White linen can become dirty over time and can develop a smelly smell. Attica can help restore brightness and get rid of odor, as well.

Pour a cup of plain white vinegar into the washing machine. Add hot water and your normal detergent. Place the space bedding in the machine and let them go for 20 minutes before you go through the laundry program. Remove bedding from the tray quickly and wipe them with a scented fabric softening sheet. Hang out linen all day long on a sunny day. Hang them so they can get good ventilation. Earlier steps should remove odor, but this last step works to provide extra freshness.


Fill a large basin with warm water, two cups of white vinegar and a cup of lemon juice. Place the space bedding object in the mixture and tip it around with your hands to make it saturated. Let the linen soak in the mixture for 20 minutes.

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