Step By Step How To Hang A Valance

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How to hang a valance – For some people, having a very cool valance or curtain will be very fascinating and excellent. This look will provide such different feel and atmosphere of a room. You can choose many different types of valance and curtain for your room. This window treatment is available in many different options according to size, color, material and also style. Here are for the more ideas about it.

Do you feel so confuse about how to hang a valance? First of all, you need to gather materials and tools. They are tape measure, pencil, drill, valance rod, curtain rod, wall-mounting brackets, screws, level. Choose the correct hardware. The wall-mounting brackets for your curtain rod should be half the length of the brackets for your valance. Next, install the curtain brackets. You can use the tape measure and pencil to mark the placement of the bracket. Make sure you place it in the right place.

The next step in how to hang a valance is installing valance brackets. You can measure and mark the placement for the brackets, then start installing it. Finally, hang the curtain. By using tab-top curtains, run the curtain rod through the tabs and hang the rod on the brackets. Last, hang your valance. You can run the valance rod through the top of the valance or use curtain hardware to attach the valance to the rod, depending on which style of valance you’ve chosen.

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