Step to Build Rustic Bed Frame


Rustic bed frame – Be creative with your design by using longer corner posts to raise your bed, lay shelves or make it a bunk bed. Add rustic rails, bedside boards and floor tiles use natural parts to make a truly unique bed with rustic charm


Determine the size and design of your bed. For example, a typical king size bed measures 76 inches wide and 80 inches long. Many rustic bed frame have natural, elderly or distressed wood, so creative on materials, preparations and potential patterns of your new bed.

Start with the frame. Position four posts at your chosen height on appropriate spots. Make two services at the gable several inches higher than those on the footstep to create a more dramatic effect. Upgrade your platform boards to make sure they fit into the frame. Adjust by location so you do not have to end up trimmer a board. Attach the two services that come against the wall by nailing two suitable cut 2- by-4s in the form of an X, with a board nailed on the inside and one on the outside. Do the same at the opposite end.

If you do not use X strategy, connect the four boards to the frame directly on the posts. Make the frame by attaching four 2-times-4 discs to your chosen length that runs between the four services. You can place in the boards on top of services to create a rustic bed frame, or place them several inches lower, leaving the desired amount of space for the rail to go.

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