Swimming Pool Storage Ideas Box

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Pool Storage Ideas Furniture

A swimming pool storage ideas box can be different sizes, as these storage boxes are often used to hold a number of items. While some people use a swimming pool storage box to hold pool toys and swimming activity games, others use it for chemicals and cleaning networks. Regardless of the purpose, a swimming pool storage box is a simple and effective way to keep your pool area clean and organized. Buying one of these storage boxes can put a big blue into your expenses, so the building itself is a cheap option.

Decide on the size of the pool storage ideas box you need. Use the tape measure to collect the correct measurements for the space you want to use for the storage box. Record height, length and depth storage box. Draw the four side pieces of the box on the plywood, using a pencil. Draw a cover measure the length and height of the box, a back piece identical to the front and two side pieces measures the height and depth of the box.

Cut the four pieces with a saw. Sandpaper edges and surfaces smooth, so any splinters removed. Lay one of the side pieces on its side and align it so that it is perpendicular to the front, as there should also be on its side. Make sure the cover overlaps the end of the side piece. Secure the two pieces with the drill and screw. Put the other side piece in the same way, but in the opposite end of the front piece. Make sure that the cover also overlaps the end of the other side of the piece. Line the back piece up to complete the rectangular wooden frame. Measure the circumference of the wooden frame and write the measurement. You need this measurement to create a bottom piece and a lid for the swimming pool storage ideas box.

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