Teen Bedroom Storage Ideas

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Popular Bedroom Storage Ideas

Bedroom storage ideas – Teenagers have some of the messiest rooms around. Between various sports activities, considerations, homework and music collections, interest’s teenagers may seem to flow in all directions. Choose cost-effective and space-saving ideas to organize a teenager’s room. Not only will your teenager get more enjoyment out of that place, it will be more functional. Bed risers are plastic or metal conical legs located under a bed to raise it several inches for more storage space. Available in different sizes, some risers can be adjusted to achieve maximum space. Combine risers with plastic wheel bearings to make the most of the new storage space and keep the room free from mess.

Bedroom storage ideas with adjustable shelves. Add adjustable shelves to a teenager’s room for the ultimate in flexible storage space. Available at most home improvement centers, adjustable shelving ranges from simple wooden shelves attached to metal wall brackets to ready-to-assemble racks. Secure shelves to the wall to prevent landfill.

Best bedroom storage ideas with curve and hills. Use wicker, rattan or plastic baskets for storage. Place small curves on the shelves and use larger curves on the floor to hold sports equipment, shoes or books. Put small, square curves on a desk to hold school supplies. Stack of metal or plastic silos next to the bed to create a nightstand. Small containers can keep excess clothes in a closet.

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