Tips To Make Truck Bed Drawers

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Truck Bed Drawers Plan

Truck bed drawers – Even though you can spend hundreds on a prefabricated bed frame with under-bed drawers, build your own at half the cost, a project is well within reach of most beginners and intermediate woodworkers.

Use your power to sow the business plywood discs to the dimensions required. Sand all faces of all the wood products twice, once with coarse sandpaper and fine flip-flops. Apply a layer of paint to all surfaces of your truck bed drawers. Let dry.

Build the drawers

Get two 7 1/2 inch wide plywood slabs, 24 inches long and 33 inches long. Put them in an L shape truck bed drawers with shorter leaves on the high edge towards longer. Nail them in place with three finishing nails. Repeat step one with two plywood sheets of the same size, build a second L-shape. Connect L-shapes to form a rectangular frame: the walls of the box. Use three finishing nails in each corner to attach them. Set 25 “33” plywood board on top of the frame. Contact with a nail in each corner, run through the blade and in the frame below. Reinforce with two nails per side, evenly distributed between the corner nails. Turn the box over. Attach a drawer or cabinet to the center of a 33-inch with 7 1/2 inch plywood board. Repeat step one to five times more to build two more boxes. Slide the drawers in the slots between the beams in the bed frame so that the dragon is facing outwards.

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