Tuscan Murals – The Beauty of Italy


Contemporary and rustic color styling of Tuscan murals look so fabulous. Tumbled marble tiles that form the murals are for sure to make your kitchen walls stunning as a centerpiece. Distinctive in appearance with richness of ancient art galleries has been gaining popularity in today’s trend of wall decor. Among many art enthusiasts, they are more than just drawings on the walls. Ancient histories give significant arts and crafts to the background.

Authentic Tuscan murals give real Italian decor theme. Not only kitchen, bedroom even bathroom and living room can have a centralize focal point with the drawings.

Are you familiar with Uzzano, a Tuscany region in Italy? Grapes vines are still growing in the place. The scenic wall murals inspired by this Italian region make Tuscan murals timeless in appeal. Red-roofed stone villas with golden sunshine of Tuscany are for sure attractive. Any room can have significant addition to any decor of the room. Charming ambiance is for sure an amusing value of becoming the Italian beauty.

Affordable piece of wet-strength premium paper is printed on heavy and durable quality. It is easy to install with panels that easy to handle which consist of eight. You can trim the murals to fit your walls significantly.

We show you some examples of wallpaper murals Italian scenes on gallery. Please, check them out!

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