How To Tuscan Style Decor Home Ideas

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Tuscan Style Decor Ideas

Tuscan style decor – It creates old world charm of Italian in natural elements. As an inspired by natural decorating style, Tuscany offers warm and classy atmosphere. If you love to relax and gather whether alone or with friends, it is for sure comforting. Materials such as wrought iron, stone, marble and hardwood are the elements of the style. This article and photo gallery features how to pour Tuscan touch to your home.

The elements of outdoors are brought indoors. This is one key to successful Tuscan style decor. There is nothing that too new or modern at all. How to set up the Tuscany decorating styles into your home? Here are some tips to apply.

Terra cotta tiles are wonderful to have on the roofs. Earthy feel outdoor is the very first impression to admire. Sandstone and wood for windows, clay tile floors and shutters give real depth quality of set. Other elements such as wooden beams, uncovered windows and plastered ceilings look awesome with earthy textures.

To paint the walls, soft gray or white will do the Tuscan style decor. Interesting look and feel with natural woods or stone for the accent colors is nice. Or, you can also apply faux painting technique to deliver the look of worn out value.

Natural wood color is the character of Tuscan style furniture designs. Tables, armoires, cupboards, shelves and more are for sure to complete the decor. Reclaimed wood is an awesome selection.

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