Twin Race Car Bed Instructions

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Twin Race Car Bed Trundle

Twin race car bed – You do not need professional level skills to build a race frame car bed for your child’s room. All that is required is some basic joinery skills, basic computer skills and a weekend to get the job done. However, despite several steps, some rather complicated, the project is well within reach of beginners to middle-level do-it-yourself practitioners. Although these plans are for a twin-size bed, you can build to fit other mattress sizes by adjusting the work dimensions


Sand faces all your twin race car bed with coarse slip paper. Sand a face on each sheet of plywood with fine slip paper. Apply a layer of white color to all sides of your work. Surf the Internet while waiting for the color to dry. Find a profile picture of a racing car that your child likes. Download it to your computer.

Car Plates

Place a plywood board on its 80-inch edge, tilted against a wall or other support. Set up the projector and laptop, project the downloaded image racing car on plywood. Adjust the distance between plywood and projector until the image is approximately 80 inches long. Use the projected image as a guide to painting plywood to look like a twin race car bed. This will act as a color-by-project, and you will be surprised by the result. Remove painted sheet to dry. Replace with the other car blade and paint the same way. Turn off the computer and projector. Wait for both plywood sheets to dry.

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