Twin Size Platform Bed For A Sleeping Porch

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Twin Size Platform Bed Modern

Twin size platform bed – Building a platform bed for your sleeping porch is about the same as building a platform bed for any other room. The biggest difference is exposure. Even the sleeping porch will keep the rain off; the bed will be exposed to more moisture, more wind and more direct sunlight than an indoor bed. The solution to this is more grinding, which reduces exposed area, and good color or betting. This is a weekend project, giving time for the stain to dry overnight. Active construction time should not be more than three hours.

Sand all faces in your twin size platform bed with rough sandpaper. Sand again with fine sandpaper. Paint or color all faces in your grounded wood. Allow to dry for several hours or overnight. Set up your four beams in a rectangle with beams lying on the narrowest face. Place 36-inch beams so the ends about the sides of the 75-inch beams. Fixed beams with two wooden screws per joint run through the 75-inch width and at the end of the 36-inch beam.

Place the plywood board on top of a rectangular frame. Screw with a screw in each corner. Drive in two more screws; be in the center of a twin size platform bed edge. Enter an entry on the bottom of the rectangular frame, resting at the angle formed by two beams. Screw with four screws, driven by plywood and at the end of the insert. Paint or restrain the bed at least once every two years.

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