Types Of Blinds For Windows


Types of blinds for windows – If you want to have beautiful window treatment for your home, you need to choose the best blind that will work best for your own room. Curtains are the first choice when it comes to window coverings. However, home owners who prefer to match coverings with the rest of the home décor choose to have blinds fitted instead of curtains. It can control number of heat, light and also ventilation entering your room. At the same time, it maintains privacy shielding your living spaces from the glares of outsiders. Beside, blinds are also lots easier to install.

If now you are considering to have blinds for your home, so you need to know about types of blinds for windows. Here theya are;

Vertical blinds

First, you can consider vertical blinds. This design has vertical rotating slats. This type is suitable for large spaces and sliding doors. It is a popular choice because it gives the place a modernist look. Vertical blinds are also easy to control and quite lightweight.

Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds has horizontal, overlapping slats. The slats are bounds by cords or strings that allow you to open and close the blinds and adjust the amount of light streaming into the room. The slats can rotate by 180°. This is practical and stylish, and it is available in many types of material including plastic and metal.

Panel blinds

Types of blinds for windows is also panel blinds. This design has vertical louvers. The major difference is the width of the louvers. They are not small columns but large panels, hence the name. The other important point of distinction is that unlike regular blinds the panels do not rotate they slide into place. They are attached to runners.

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Roman blinds

You can make a sophisticated look in your room with roman blinds. They form subtle pleats and when lowered they sit flat like a curtain when they are hoisted up. Roman blinds are the best option for homeowners looking for an alternative to curtains, but yet want to create the traditional and warm look that comes with the use of curtains. Mostly it is made of fabric.


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