Types of Knife Storage Ideas


Knife storage ideas – Tubes are used in furniture for many purposes, the most common are gluing panels together. Pipe holder consists of a head and tail that can be attached to a metal tube of any length, so that you can squeeze things of any size. A growing collection of knife can begin to take up a lot of space in a small woodshop, so efficient storage is important.

Wall Rack

The right knife storage ideas will keep the clamps from the floor and out of the way but still within easy reach. A useful wall bracket for bar clamps can be made with a strip of wood about 4 inches wide. Drill a series of holes 1-inch diameter down its center, then cut out one side of each hole, creating a row of U-shaped slots. Screw the wood piece on the wall horizontally with the U-shaped openings outwards. You can then hang the clamps on the rack by placing the doll on top of the shelf and letting the tube hang through the hole. A large number of clamps can be hung in a rather small area with this method.

Rolling trolley

Knife storage ideas on a carriage, you can move them wherever they need to go without having to pick them all up individually. You can easily roll them out of the way when you do not need them and transport them to any part of the woodshop quickly and efficiently when you do.

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