Useful Slide Out Truck Bed Storage

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Black Slide Out Truck Bed Storage

Slide out truck bed storage are offered in a variety of shapes and sizes for as many applications. Trucks used for work are equipped with pickup-bed campers or toppers that protect tools and supplies. Trucks are used for recreational activities such as camping offers a warm place to sleep or cook. Trucks used for travel have full campers as amounts to a basic home on wheels including slide-out rooms, a full bathroom and a kitchen.

Slide out truck bed storage is a necessity for many service industry professionals. A basic cover for the bed allows for a locked place to store tools and parts. Tonneau covers are basically pickup-bed toppers, which come in soft or hardtop varieties. These covers are easily removable for weekend use of a full camper and offered in custom colors to match the truck’s existing finish.

For short camping trips, basic slide out truck bed storage are available. Truck Camper Magazine recommends “Best Built Products” line for light camping. These basic models are a cross between top and full campers. They are called canapers. They offer a basic shelter, light, portable stove and heater and in some cases a portable toilet or composting toilet. They are made of wood with a fiberglass shell, making them an easy alternative to a full pickup camper.

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