Valance Ideas – Different Types of Valances


Valance ideas – Are you looking for the best valance for your room? Adding the beautfiul valance will be very important to make your room stylish and also fashionable. Window valances are well-known for the decorative value that is added to a window or door. They enhance and complete the whole look of a drapery or curtain set up. Valances are also used alone in order to add an ornate touch to the windows. These look better on large windows and doors.

If you want to have stylish window treatment, you can consider valance ideas. Window valances are of various types. A simple example of a valance is the rod pocket valance which is a miniature of a curtain. It is stitched like a simple drape or put on the window top like a simple rectangular stretch of fabric. The advantage of this type of valance is simplicity. These window valances come in various prints and include many bright themes for the kids’ rooms.

Valance ideas are available in different options. First, you can consider ascot valances. They are also quite attractive and are placed in the form of a triangular piece of fabric hanging down from the top of the windows. These valances are made of rich looking fabric patterns like net, lace, silk and velvet. How about the bell valances? They have a soft u-shaped bottom and give a flared look to large windows.

You can consider blouson valance or balloon valance gives a puffed or balloon-like effect. Large pieces of fabric are either sewn in a way to give such a look or is stuffed with softer material between balloon pleats. The cornice valances are in the form of a piece of flat, ruffled or pleated fabric mounted to a wooden support called a cornice board. Swag valances are is a style of fabric that hangs in semicircular folds. The swag valances are draped over the curtain rods and pelmets in large folds, pleats and ruffles with the ends suspended on both the sides of the windows.

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