Vintage Bathtubs For Modern Bathrooms

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Versatility in design styling makes vintage bathtubs to complement existing decor. Modern bathrooms are popular with vintage style bath tubs today. Although there are features of chrome and steel, you can add a vintage feel into the atmosphere. It will not overpower the existing features in your modern bathroom design at all. Relaxation is for sure to give your bathing moment a fine experience.

The reproduction of vintage bathtubs especially the claw foot tub has been running. Modern materials are used in the making of the tubs. Acrylic and fiberglass offer high quality of strength and durability without heavy weight at all. Sleeker and more sophisticated in design finishes will give the touch of modernity in the bathroom as it should. Even better, you can afford the tubs just at much lower price.

Antique in models only, modern style vintage bathtubs show excellence in design appearance. Yes, bringing the 19th century piece into your modern bathroom is possible and affordable nowadays.

The original vintage bath tubs are mostly made of cast iron. The metal tends to rust through time. This is surely a disadvantage although you can repaint it again.

However, modern plumbing does not suit the shape of this vintage tub. Drainage and water pipes will show and disturb the beauty of your modern bathroom. This is a drawback to take into consideration deeply.

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