Vintage Torchiere Floor Lamp Soft Illumination

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Vintage torchiere floor lamp provides indirect lighting. Quality of soft illumination gives moody atmosphere. It is a nice way to improve room decor. In case you do not an overhead lighting, the floor lamp will do it. Home, apartment and office are already popular with indirect lighting of the lamp. There is no complicated wiring at all which also means easy installation. Among all styles, vintage has classy touch in comparison to others like contemporary.

Materials are lead, brass and copper. Vintage torchiere floor lamp usually comes in a 6 ft post. At the top, you will find an inverted bowl so that to allow an upward lighting. You can find different materials for the bowls such as mica, glass and more. Just adjust the illumination level of brightness by switching the control. The movable neck is for sure an interesting part for the adjustment.

Vintage torchiere floor lamp suits couples. This is why the lamp lighting fixtures are very common in condominium and hotel. Unlike wall sconces as another indirect lighting source, the floor lamp takes up space. However, it would not take much at all.

Vintage style is for impressive. Brass, wrought iron and more material finishes are awesome on eBay. 1940s styles are most fabulous for the collections.

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