White Full Size Bed Ideas

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White Full Size Bed Trundle

White full size bed is also called a double bed. It is shorter and narrower than a queen or king size bed and wider than a double bed. Full and twin size mattresses are as long. A full bed holds a mattress measuring 54 inches wide and 75 inches long. The overall size bed varies depending on the style and size of the frame marked.


White full size bed are available in many different styles, including platforms, which do not require a drawer in the spring, as well as the bedside only headboard and foot peg, or simply a frame without a headboard or footboard. Better sleep The Council recommends that you use full size beds for one sleep only and for those whose height measures less than five feet five inches.

Expert Insight

You can use sheets white full size bed and even a queen-size quilt or duvet cover on a full-size bed. However, you need to use a full skirt size bed, bedspread or fitted blanket, as these items are tailor made to fit the exact dimensions of the full size mattress. Different countries have different standard dimensions for beds. Many people are unaware of the differences in size between full beds and queen beds. Some people mistakenly believe the beds are the same size.

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